Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 22

OK, I am back and ready to get down to business. I am going to start recording everything again, and aiming for mostly raw every day. Let me be frank here: the goal was to do 100% raw for 30 days, so that I could really experience the effects of raw food. I have yet to make it even one day completely raw. But, I am able to do raw until dinner (and dinner being cooked vegetarian) without much trouble. I don't know why dinner is such a hurdle, but it is. Well, actually, yes I do. At the end of the day, I am tired, the kids are cranky, and I want food that comforts, not more lettuce. Now, what I should do, is find raw foods that I find comforting, and make those. But honestly, I just don't want to.

I have made huge dietary changes in the last few months, and now enjoy eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. This time of year, when south Ga is busting at the seams with fresh produce, I don't want much else. But I don't always want it raw. I mean, I don't want to feel guilty about having corn on the cob with butter and salt!! That is summer food at it's finest! One of the elements of raw food that I first found most compelling was the lack of guilt I felt when eating it. Well, HELLLOOOOO, I was setting myself up for failure and guilt by making my goal 100% raw! I am just not there yet. Maybe I never will be. I don't know.

I do love food though. I love to prepare it, I love to buy it, I love to read cookbooks. And I most especially love to see people enjoy what I have made. So, I am going to continue to celebrate food. I am going to enjoy this season of abundance. I am going to focus on making delicious, healthy foods out of the freshest ingredients I can find. I am also going to take a break from the scale. I am going to pay attention to portions and will probably count points. But, for awhile, I am just going to focus on how my clothes feel. I am tired of defining myself by the number on the scale. I will continue to record what and how much I eat, how much exercise I get, and any thoughts, recipes, etc.

Some of you may see this as progress, as a more healthy way to view this aspect of my life. Others may think I am flaking out. But, this is just a learning process for me, just like every other aspect of our lives, and I never claimed to have all the answers.

Today I ate:
-handful of Sugar Babies (3.5 points)
-Blueberries, honey, and gRAWnola (3.5 points)

Today's Exercise:
-1 hour of walking, pushing 80 pounds in the stroller :)


Mama Sweetie said...

So glad to have you back!

Melissa said...

You are doing great!! Even if you are never 100% raw, the changes you are making will absolutely be beneficial.