Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 12

Starting Weight: 159

Current Weight: N/A (I am not checking my weight today b/c I am afraid it will be higher than yesterday and I don't want to know. Plus, I am not going to be over-zealous and take the scale to the beach. So, until next Sunday, my weight won't be recorded. But I want it to be lower when I come back, so I am going to try to do really well at the beach with what I eat, as well as portions. More later!

Today's Exercise:

Today I ate:
-2 chocolate chip cookies
-dried fruit roll
-spaghetti w/ marinara and turkey meatballs



Anonymous said...

You'll lose your weight faster if you exercise every day. You don't exercise nearly enough. Your mama

AIMEE said...

I will saw that you do look great even if you don't take the weight off! At the same time, I know you really want to so I cheer you on! Just don't beat yourself up too much on the raw challenge...I think 80% a day might be more do-able???

laurel said...

Yes, 80% is MUCH more doable. In fact, I would say that is about what I am hitting most days...I have yet to make 100%...but I am not upset, b/c by reaching for 100%, even when I don't hit it, I still do better than I would have otherwise. :)