Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 16

It is difficult to find time to post here at the beach. The computer is in the master bedroom, where two children sleep. So finding a moment between their naps, and my children being settled enough for me to get online for a few moments, it isn't really happening. But, don't let that make you think that I am not being mindful! I am actually doing MUCH better with my eating here than I had anticipated. I am eating lots and lots of fruit, and my children are too. In fact, my friend Alison, who is here, has said that she has been more inspired to start incorporating more fresh fruit into her daughter's diet, after seeing the way my boys eat. So that is encouraging. Progress, not perfection...that is the goal.
I am not getting as much exercise as I was hoping, but I am definitely not sitting on my rear end all day!
Anyway, I will start being more detailed when I get back home, as well as recording my weight again.
For now, I am just trying to make wise choices when I eat...choosing fresh fruits and vegetables over chips and cookies (mostly).

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Anonymous said...

I'm telling you...a vacation alone is the way to go. I write this as I'm at a B&B in East Tennessee looking out the dining room window at lovely impatiens in an old iron cooking pot and listen to the thunder outside. I'll keep the boys so you can have one. Mama