Monday, August 24, 2009


I thought that for the next few days, I would record not only what I am eating but what my kids eat as well. Over the last few weeks, everyone's eating has gone down hill as I have chosen convenience over health. But, I am ready to get our family back on track, starting today. We have been talking about the importance of healthy foods this morning, what they do for the body, etc. I have gotten rid of all, OK, most, of the junk food (there is still some yogurt that Matt bought and some renegade Rice Crispy cereal, left over from making rice crispy treats).

9:30 AM:
-18 ounces green smoothie (banana, blackberry, ground flax, spinach)
-1 slice Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread with honey (no butter)

-green smoothie (Bauer and Landing)
-2 bananas each (all boys)
-1/2 slice banana bread (all boys)

11 AM:
-1/2 slice banana bread

1:30 PM:
Laurel and Boys:
-1/2 PB & J sandwich (homemade bread, natural peanut butter, reduced sugar homemade jam)
-1/4 of an apple

3 PM:
-15 roasted almonds

4:30 PM:
Laurel and boys:
-frozen grapes

7 PM:
-Miso Soup
-rice and stir fried veggies
-2 egg rolls

-Not sure what they had for dinner, since we were on date night and they were fed by the babysitter.

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