Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today's Weight: 171.5 (0.5 pound lost from yesterday)

Today's smoothie was MUCH better than yesterday. It was too watery yesterday and was gross. I choked it down, but it wasn't pleasant. Today's was yummy. Probably have the same tomorrow. I only used one banana yesterday, that was the problem. Not enough smoothie texture. Two bananas today solved the problem.


9:45 AM:
-18 ounces green smoothie (banana, ground flax seeds, spinach, and mango)
-1 1/2 pieces Ezekiel Raisin toast with butter and honey

1:15 :M:
-2 cupcakes...I know, I know!!! They were the last two, and needed to be removed from the house. I took care of THAT little problem!! ;)
-Mixed greens salad with sunflower seeds and curry chicken salad

7 PM:
-Poppyseed chicken
-pear and cherry crisp with whipped cream

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