Friday, August 1, 2008


-Large salad
-Vegetarian Quesadilla
-Chips and Salsa
-1/3 piece of red velvet cake (would my husband PLEASE finish off this cake already?!)

Not a great eating day. I didn't eat that much, but what I had wasn't the best. The salad was OK, but the quesadilla and chips and salsa definitely weren't healthy. We ate at the mexican restaurant to celebrate a friend's birthday. I wanted a margarita, but didn't get one. Then, I got home and wanted something sweet. I really wanted peaches, but we were out. I should have just brushed my teeth and gone to bed. Instead, I ate red velvet cake, which I didn't really want and wasn't that good. I immediately regretted it. Darn.


Sara said...

You could just throw the cake out ;-)
I do the same thing...keeping food around that isn't good for me, but not wanting to throw it out. It's so hard when you have it right there staring you in the face all the time. Keep it up're doing great. Just being mindful of what you're eating is such a huge step. You rock :)

Tyler B. said...

I'll finish off the cake for you! HA!HA! But seriously, It's great to see you eating good food. I'm going to try to do that now that I live at home.