Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have missed running this summer. But not enough to actually do it in this heat! Truth be told, I have been lazy. I mean, I could have run early in the morning, when it was only 85 degrees outside.
Anyway, after running/walking/biking at the beach, I am ready to start running 3x a week again. I have been looking online, and have found several 5K's coming up near me this fall. I need to send in my registration(s) so I am locked in and motivated! I am using this plan again, starting with week four, to work back up. I hope to increase my time as well. I ran my first 5K in just under 31 minutes. I stopped and walked several times during the race. I would like to run my next race, probably around the end of September, in 27 minutes, which would be just under a 9 minute mile (I hope to eventually work up to a 7 1/2 minute mile). I am a pretty fast runner, for short distances, but it is my endurance that is lacking, so that is what I will be working to improve over these next six weeks or so.

As usual, I am eating a very healthy diet, but just too much of it. I am still working to reduce my portions. Self control in the food department is a little lacking:::sigh:::

I went running for 30 minutes this morning. As soon as we finish dinner, I am putting the kids in their jammies, loading up the oldest two in the jogging stroller, the baby in the Ergo, and am walking the neighborhood until bedtime. Hopefully it won't be miserably hot.


amyers said...

You'll do great with the running! You are swift! I had started missing it, but after my knee surgery am hesitant to start back.

Brandy said...

I think I might have a double jogger? Freecycle...if I get one I would love yo start walking...I haven't been going to the gym, maybe I would do better if I had a comittment(sp).