Friday, May 30, 2008


I needed some humor this morning, so I decided to try on all my jeans. I am currently wearing a 12, but they are getting pretty loose (yay!!). I don't have any pants in a 10, but I do have 2 pairs of jeans in a size 8, which I can't wait to wear again. So, just for kicks, I tried them on. The good news: I was able to get them buttoned and zipped. The bad news: my muffin top was no longer singular. Not A muffin top. More like a baker's dozen muffin top(s). Hmmm. So, I can see that in just a few pounds, I am going to need a pair of size 10's. I want to buy two pairs of pants. One of them being jeans. Here is the criteria. Dark wash. Not high rise, but not low either. A slight flare in the leg. Not very expensive. Do you have any suggestions?

I am thinking I will buy them when I hit my pre-Landing weight (152 pounds), or, when I hit the 140's. Maybe in the next couple of weeks?

Let me know. What are your favorite jeans?


carter0531 said...

Grane Episode in the Belk's juniors dept. They are currently stacked on the floor under the display of Grane shorts.

Stacy said...

I am a huge fam of the long and leans from GAP, but not sure about the price... a friend at school had a good looking pair on the other day and believe it or not, they came from WAL MART (gasp!)... They were dark wash and had the wide for thought

Kelly said...

Hey Laurel, it's Lydia's friend Kelly. I just had a baby and bought a pair of "The Flirt" jeans from Old Navy yesterday. Now there are several types of "flirt"...the most flattering for me was classic rise (which is NOT the really high old classic) flare. And they were under $30. Good luck on your plan. Hopefully my Dr. will give me the ok to exercise again at my appt tomorrow. I feel your pain re: baby weight :)