Friday, May 30, 2008

(Updated throughout the day)

I am going to spend part of the morning preparing some raw foods to have on hand for whenever a hunger pang strikes. I need to cut up and freeze my mangos, wash and freeze grapes, cut up some carrots and bell pepper, etc. So far, I have really only wanted simple raw foods...fruits and veggies in their natural form (or frozen), other than the occasional afternoon "ice cream". When I want something a little different, I may make some sun dried tomato hummus, which is yummy, or maybe this taco salad. For now though, there are so many variations of salad and raw salad dressings, that I am happy with that. Plus the many flavors of green smoothies. When I am hit with a craving or want something sweet, I have satisfied myself with frozen grapes, raisins, "ice cream", or hot tea with honey.

I really need to get back to exercise. I want to pick up running, which I have dropped for the last few weeks. I have done 30 minutes on the Wii Fit, which surprisingly, can get you breaking a sweat pretty fast, if you want to, a couple of times this week.

Potential pitfalls today: dinner for the family (either tacos, or crab legs and corn on the cob) and carnival food (we told the kids we might take them to the little carnival in town). Funnel cakes are my nemesis!

Starting Weight: 159

Current Weight: 157.5

Today's Exercise: 30 minutes on the wii fit

Today I ate:
-10 ounces smoothie (strawberry, banana, water, spinach, honey, flax seeds)
-1 waffle fry
-strawberries, gRAWnola, honey
-steamed veggies and rice
-bag of cotton candy
-4 bites of funnel cake
-4 pieces of caramel
-frozen grapes

Well, I guess I can change "potential pitfall" to "actualized pitfall"...yea...the carnival was definitely trouble. I did OK at dinner, considering that there was not a raw item on the menu. I had the steamed veggie plate with rice. Water to drink. As for the cotton candy and funnel cake...well, there just aren't any excuses. **sigh**


Stacy said...

Yeah, I saw the carnival and I have tried to put blinders on all week.. totally going around my elbows to avoid driving past it!
"Hi, I'm Stacy, and I am addicted to funnel cakes!" "Hello, Stacy!"

lydia said...

you make me smile :) and so does stacy!

This native said...

Hey Laurel,
This is a great way to stay accountable. I will be watching with great eagerness for you! I totally know you can do it.
Becky xxx

gretchensproul said...

hey! I found your blog through a series of other blogs! Question about the green smoothies:

do yours get kind of rubbery if you don't drink them right away? or am I doing something wrong?

keep pressing're doing GREAT! seriously, just think of how much funnel cake you WOULD have had. plus you probably wouldn't have chosen veggies and rice for dinner.

Go girl!