Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 3
I am so excited to see a 1.5 pound loss on the scale!! It makes me soooo much more motivated to be really mindful about my eating today. Yesterday went great, except for the one teensy piece of french toast and I am hoping to be 100% today. Charlotte and I are going to make that yummy salad again from yesterday, so I am really excited about that. The hardest part for me today will definitely be dinner. I am making tacos for the family. I am going to make a walnut "meat" for myself, and have it on salad. Hopefully, it will be satisfying enough to ignore the tacos! More later...

Starting Weight: 159

Current Weight: 157.5

Today's Exercise: ---

Today I ate:
-16 oz. Smoothie (raspberry, banana, spinach, honey, ice, water, ground flax seeds)
-same salad as yesterday. Wasn't as good today, but it was nice to eat with friends!
-Raspberry "ice cream"*
-3 fries**
-2 chicken nuggets**
-2 bites of key lime bars**
-lots of frozen grapes
-hot tea with honey

Observations: OK, so I didn't make tacos tonight. The hubs and I ended up having a date night and we went to a movie and dinner with some dear friends, the Barnes. So, I bought the kids Wendy's, which they haven't had in some time. I was RAVENOUS, and in a period of, oh, 30 seconds, I had wolfed down 3 fries, 2 nuggets, and 2 bites of key lime bars before I came to my senses. I threw out the rest of the bars, I was the only one who liked them anyway, and I am not supposed to be eating them!! So, that is my 30 seconds of shame for the day. BUT, I do think I (mostly) redeemed myself because...
we went to the movie, and the hubby asked if I wanted popcorn w/ butter and sprite. NO!!!! So, I munched on frozen grapes through out the movie. And, because I didn't want the junk, Matt didn't get it either. I handed him a handful of frozen grapes and he looked at me skeptically...then said "hey, these are really good!" and ate half the bag. That, my friends, is some serious progress. Then, the four of us went to Longhorn. It was late, almost 9 pm, so I didn't want to eat too much. I ordered a side garden salad, without croutons, cheese, or tomato, dressing on the side. I asked them to add extra cucumber and bell pepper. I always dip the end of my fork in dressing, and hardly use any, so I allowed myself the honey mustard, which is my favorite. I also ordered a hot tea with honey.
As we were eating, I looked at everyone's food...steak, sauteed mushrooms, salmon salad, hamburger, fries, bread and butter...and at my small salad and realized that none of what they were eating was tempting to me. Nothing on the table was more appealing than my little plate of salad. And it was so nice to not feel controlled by food!! I enjoyed my salad, then sipped my hot tea as everyone finished their meal. I enjoyed the fellowship and the conversation and the tea.
And, a big difference I notice between cooked and raw food, is even if I eat a healthy meal of cooked food, I usually leave the table feeling too full and kind of you want a nap. I never feel like that with raw food. The salad was satisfying and took away the hunger but I didn't have that kind of icky bloated feeling.
I am kind of liking this raw food thing...I am not doing perfectly, but I am feeling great about the progress I am making. I don't know that the scale will reflect well for me tomorrow, since I did eat that fried junk and I didn't exercise, but I do feel really good physically and mentally.


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you are encouraged today!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!! Mom

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Good job!!

Frozen grapes are good... I'll have to try that the next time we go to the movies... whenever that may be! :)

Great job on the weight loss!